Art and travel

Throughout our travels in Romania, we have observed many natural perspectives in which the handpan could perfectly blend.

From historical castles to minimalist city landscapes, we aimed to blend this perfectly geometrical round shape, in variouslocations, proving that its harmonious shape is easily adaptable.

Photo Albums



Assan’s mill

Build in 1853, Assan’s mill has been the first steam mill in Romania. Located in Bucharest in the second district, the construction is classified as being a national historic value and industrial patrimony.



Little Trianon. Constantin Cantacuzino Palace

Music and fire surrounds nature in this set where the Cantacuzino palace, also named as “The small Trianon, is revealing its lost engravings. Located near Bucharest, the historical piece still marvels with its French architecture while presenting a solid character.

The Japanese garden 

Traditionally called Cha Dao, or the Dao of Tea, it is the harmony of tea, water, utensils, preparation, environment and conversation to create the perfect moment–a moment that can last for hours. In this peaceful environment we find the handpan’s vibrations blending in perfectly with the park’s harmony.