Handpan Festivals

Famous handpan festivals around the world:

Since 2000 when the first hang drum was invented, many music festivals and gatherings started inviting players to join. Slowly but steady, Romanian musical festivals such as Waha and Dakini started inviting local handpan players to be part of the show.

By raising awareness, the players aim to create a new segment in the Romanian musical market. Maybe one day, its own festival. Until then, let us gaze upon the most popular handpan festivals around the world.


1. Pansiam 11-13 Jannuary 2019

The festival is organized in the northern mountain of Thailand and it is a closed circle gathering. Having a number of 45 invitations (sold out), PanSiam will be a very special music recipe do the big names that will join. Some of them are: Kebacao, Sam Maher, Samanta Archer and many more.

2.     PanOz Festival | 17th – 21st,  january 2019

The festival is held in Sugarloaf, Australia and it is known to be one of the most spectacular road trips. It is organized by two world players, Adrian Portia and Jeremy Diffey.

3.      Pantasia Handpan Gathering 7-9 Martie 2019

The event is held in Joshua Tree, California USA and is brought together by Stevan Morris. Reaching its fifth edition, the fest invites many talented players and builders.


4. Hona HangOut Naxos, Greece – Not available yet

With a breathtaking view of the Mediteranean sea, the acoustic festival aims to impress through its special guests, nature, and a lot of history which will definitely inspire the music creators.

5. Hangout USA

Situated in Asheville, NC has incredibile reviews from all around the world. It is a great chance for handpan enthusiasts to break their shell and grow their musical level. With many great players attending, the festival has a very wide range of styles.

6. Griasdi
July 2019 – 27. July 2019

Organized in Austria, Bollerbauer, Griasdi is popular for its healing and meditative side. Many world artists and healers are invited to perform and do workshops. Putting an emphasis on music spirituality, Griasdi Handpan created a music segment of its own.